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Who is the coin for?

This coin is right for many persons–not just coin collectors–though amateur and veteran coin collectors can appreciate its precious metal value as well as its nature as a collectible. History buffs, especially of Black History, will also appreciate it as commemorating a great, if sometimes forgotten, event in American history. Those who celebrate Juneteenth can own it as part of a once in a lifetime token to commemorate a great anniversary of freedom.

It is also a great gift and a relatively cheap way to teach someone—young or old–about precious metal investing. With unprecedented demand, the low prices of silver will likely not last forever guaranteeing this coin will appreciate in value over time, even relative to inflation. One of the reasons 0.999 fine silver was used was so that the value of this coin would be intrinsic based on at least its silver content. This is different than many commemorative coins made of inferior metal with only a silver coating.

It is especially a great gift for Christmas of New Year’s 2016 to remind someone, young or old, about the precious value of our freedom.